Getting your PCV, HGV and Forklift License

If you have been considering getting a forklift license, PCV (Passenger carrying Vehicle) or HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle), then finding the right driving schools is important. All these require a special license since they are large vehicles and not as easy to maneuver as your regular car.

Driving Schools to Consider

When looking into the right driving schools from which to acquire your training, you should consider the following:

The quality of training courses – You want to go with a school that offers courses of the highest quality. This is absolutely critical if you are to pass your driving test.

Cost of training courses – The most expensive school out there is not necessarily the one offering the best quality. However, you should also consider the fact that cheap can be expensive as well.
With the right training, you will be able to drive not just one type of large commercial vehicle but the full range including tipper trucks, HGV, pcv training and forklifts. This will open up to you a large employment opportunity since there is always work for those who can drive these vehicles.

Licenses for HGV

The driving class depends on the weight of a vehicle. In order to be considered hgv training, the vehicle needs to weigh more than 3.5 tons. There are several license classes and you will need to decide at which class to begin.

Once you figure out where you want to start for your forklift license and pcv licence as well, the driving schools you choose should be able to train you so that you can take and pass your practical skills test when you get to the testing facility.

Driving Schools Training Requirements

In order to get your forklift license, HGV or PCV, you will need to:

Be of age – This can be 18 or 21 years depending on where you live

Be a licensed driver – You should already know how to drive a car

You will also need to be:

Healthy – You will be taken through a routine medical checkup that you should pass. The doctor needs to find you in reasonably good health.

Valid license – Your car license should be valid at the commencement of your PCV, hgv training manchester and forklift license training classes and remain valid for the entire duration of training.

Provisional license – Before you can go on the road for your practical skills training, you will be required to get a provisional license. Good driving schools will submit the required paper work on your behalf.

Theory Test – Before you can begin your practical skills test, you will need to pass the theory test. Quality driving schools will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared before taking the test.